At Barashi Nursery School, we accept children starting at the age of 3 months and upto 5 years.


We strive to create an atmosphere that is happy, caring and challenging. We want every child to feel they belong here and to feel secure. We believe in the importance of developing the whole child through offering a broad, balanced and creative curriculum where both independence and team-work are valued. We will help our children to begin to develop learning skills that will last a lifetime, so that they can make their best contribution to the community and society.

Our aims are:
° To create a happy and caring environment
° To nurture a sense of belonging to the school family and a sense of pride in our school
° To provide a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum
° To make learning a positive and enriching experience
° To encourage all children to reach their potential and enjoy learning
° To develop independence
° To respect themselves and others
° To foster positive relationships with parents and the community
° To encourage healthy, happy lifestyles within a safe environment.


Barashi Nursery follows the British Government’s statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EFYS) which sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five years of age.

The EYFS entails seven areas of learning:

          Mathematics (Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy previously)

          Understanding the World (Knowledge and Understanding the World previously)

          Physical Development

          Expressive Arts and Design (Creative Development Previously)

          Personal, Social and Emotional Development

          Communication and Language



Barashi Nursery provides extracurricular Activities and special performances throughout the year provide our children with the opportunity to develop the abilities of public speaking, to demonstrate special talents, to fulfill themselves outside the academic routine, and to enhance their enjoyment of the school experience. Children find Barashi Nursey a happy, friendly, and challenging place.


Some of these activities are conducted during school hours and others are conducted after school. Please contact the Administration Department for more information.


There’s a purpose to everything we do at Barashi Nursery. Teachers present lessons according to a sequential plan and observe the interest and ability of each child. Children learn at their own rate, self-selecting the lessons that best match their current abilities and desires. Combining conventional educational methods and principles, Teachers guide each child along his or her own natural path of learning and achievement.